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Wills & Estates.

Life is uncertain, so it is wise to plan for your family's future. Everyone with children, or with assets as simple as a bank account, needs a will and an estate plan.

The attorneys at Campbell & White, P.C. have decades of experience in assisting clients with their estate planning needs. Our attorneys are well versed in various estate planning techniques and can devise a plan that best preserves your assets. If you have minor children, it is critical that you have a will prepared by an attorney to be sure that your wishes are followed in the event of your death. A will is also critical to be sure your assets pass according to your intentions or desires.

One of the tools our attorneys use in helping plan your estate are a variety of trusts. Often trusts are incorporated into your will and take effect to preserve your assets at the time of your death. The firm can advise as to whether or not living trusts are best for you. There is a lot of publicity about living trusts and some "financial planners" suggest that you can "avoid probate" and "save or avoid paying inheritance taxes" if you have a living trust. The truth of the matter is that in Pennsylvania, "probate" costs are minimal. In addition, generally, living trusts do not help you avoid paying Pennsylvania inheritance taxes. There are some circumstances where a living trust is beneficial, but the vast majority of people do not need them. Living trusts can create a multitude of administrative problems. Often the costs of creating and maintaining a living trust far outweigh the benefits or any cost savings your estate may realize upon your death. The attorneys at Campbell & White, P.C. can assist you in determining what is right for you and your family. As always, our attorneys will look out for your interests and design a plan to meet your goals and objectives.

And when the time comes, the attorneys at Campbell & White, P.C. can help you administer your loved one's estate. When someone dies, there are a number of serious legal issues which arise. There can be considerable financial consequences if the estate is not handled properly and according to law. Our attorneys are experts in estate administration and can give you superior advice and assistance by representing your loved ones estate. Because all cases receive the personal attention of the attorney handling the estate, you can be sure you will be treated with sensitivity and professionalism in your time of loss and grief.

The attorneys at Campbell & White, P.C. have more than 8 decades of combined experience in estate planning and administration.

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