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Powers of Attorney & Living Wills.

When we get together with clients to discuss Wills and Estate Planning, we take a 'get your house in order' approach, i.e., if people have Wills that are up to date, express their wishes and 'cover all the bases', as well as Powers of Attorney and Living Wills, their 'house will be in order', in terms of being prepared for whatever the uncertainties of life may bring...; thus, during our initial office visit, we discuss the advisability of having General Durable Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Care Directives (a combination of a Durable Health Care Power of Attorney and a Living Will, as legislated in 2007) in place. A Power of Attorney is a document in which you appoint another person(s), usually your spouse and sometimes a child or children as Successor(s) or Alternate(s), as your "attorney(s)-in-fact/agent(s)", who are thereby empowered to sign financial papers, property transactions and certain medical/health care authorizations on your behalf. A Living Will, as now authorized under Pennsylvania law, is, in simplest terms, a document in which you direct that, if you are in an "end stage medical condition", i.e., permanently unconscious or terminally ill, you do not wish to be kept alive by artificial means. Most people feel this way, but without a Living Will, their wishes regarding their last days often cannot be honored...

Again, many people put off having things such as Wills, Powers of Attorney and Living Wills prepared until such documents are actually needed. Unfortunately, in almost every situation, if you wait until you need such documents before taking the time to have them prepared, it will be too late! This is because, in order to execute a valid Will, Power of Attorney, Living Will or virtually any legal document, one must be physically and mentally competent, i.e., one must have legal capacity to know and understand what one is signing. Thus, you must have such documents prepared and signed beforehand, while you still possess the legal capacity to do so.






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